I'm Shelly, a dreamer of big dreams, a ​recovering perfectionist and "do too much" homeschooling mama of 4 full of energy, life, and incredible kiddos.

​Here's a secret: I believe there's a piece in each and every one of us that desires to be healthy, be at least somewhat fashionable, and some who even dream about earning a little extra income!

Join us as we discover how to live a healthy, natural lifestyle, be fashionable, and be incredible mompreneurs!


Inspiration for Fashion, Food, and Living Naturally

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My two youngest kiddos rocking their essential oils: Valor and Peace and Calming

I had no idea what the heck was an essential oil!  We found ourselves unemployed after being with a company for almost twenty years, no insurance, with four young kids.  What would we do?  

One day, during our unemployment our daughter injured her foot/ankle badly, and I remember telling my husband "We don't have insurance, so we can't take her to the ER."  She could not even walk, and we were caught between a rock and a hard place.  Unless she was dying, we weren't going to the ER. :) During that time, we were pinching pennies, and we needed to save every penny for food and living expenses!  God had provided for us supernaturally every month (FOR 9 MONTHS), but still an ER visit meant thousands.  So I had some crazy friends bring over oils for her foot/ankle, and within a few days, she could walk!  It was insane! We were skeptical so we just thought....great...God healed her!  And moved on.  We didn't really believe in the oils.  

So later on, during our unemployment, our kids got sick, and sick, and more sick, and we had these crazy friends who dropped off more oils and supplements to our house. We thought they had lost their minds, but we were desperate so we tried the oils and supplements!  And they worked.  BUT being the skeptics we were, we still weren't sold.  We hated all products.  I had 3 natural childbirths and taking even over the counter meds was NOT my thing.  So our kids got healthy, and we moved on!  Essential oils seemed so crazy, and we were perfectly normal people!  :)  

Then something crazy happened.  These same crazy people dropped off some oils for my son's seasonal sniffles.  And we started using the natural essential oils on him and diffusing the oils in his room. You see, our son struggled with asthma-like, seasonal sniffles, swore by the Nebulizer, Albuterol, and steroids since he was a baby. We would always have to go to the pediatrician every season for his "seasonal sniffles, asthma-like" symptoms, and with no insurance, we had no clue what to do.  So we tried the oils, AND IT WAS CRAZY!  Our son's respiratory issues were helped by essential oils?  Now that was crazy to us, BUT we knew there was something to these crazy essential oils!  

So unbeknownst to my husband, I secretly put the Young Living Premium Starter Kit on a credit card since although my husband had a job after 9 months of unemployment, we were still rebuilding and playing catch up!  So I spent $160 on this crazy essential oils kit to get started on our wellness journey....whatever that meant!  While I never advocate putting anything on credit (and we try to live a debt-free lifestyle), THAT was the best $160 I ever spent!  And don't be like me who went behind my husband's back!  I'm sure my mentor is cringing reading this right now!  Sorry!  I love you!  I asked for his forgiveness, and Nate, my husband, loves the oils now more than I do!  ​​

So some of you may be wondering now,  how in the world do I get started!?  So the best value is the Premium Starter Kit that I mentioned before!  For $160, you get your choice of a top grade diffuser, 11 Essential Oils, a sample of Thieves cleaner, a sample of Ningxia, sample roller bottles, all discounted 50 percent off!  What normally would cost 331 dollars, only $160!  But what's more!?  You get ME!  :)  No really, you get one on one help in your journey, you will be added to an exclusive group of resources, education, and so much more!  And a community of amazing women who will support you in your journey!  

​SO I guess you're wondering WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS!?  Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds that come from leaves, flowers, bark, and other parts of the plant.  Essential oils are extracted through steam distillation, cold pressing, and resin tapping, depending on the essential oil sourced.  Therapeutic Essential oils are taken by the bloodstream and carried to every cell within the entire body in a matter of minutes.  


The limbic system is directly connected to parts of the brain that control your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, and stress and hormones.  Aromatic molecules travel through the olfactory system which sends signals to specific areas of the limbic system.  Because diffused essential oil molecules travel to these micro-regions of the brain, they can have profound physiological and psychological effects!  (Source: EODR 6th Edition).  

It's been so much fun chatting with you about Essential Oils!  Young Living Essential Oils have changed our lives, and we are excited to see that it is changing the lives of so many others as we are choosing natural, less toxic-free ways to live!  Feel free to come see us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!  


​You can use Young Living Essential Oils: aromatically, internally, and topically.  


  • Diffuse using an ultra-sonic diffuser for 10-15 minutes.  
  • Place a drop in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together.  Cup your hands together over your nose and mouth and inhale deeply.
  • Smell directly from the bottle
  • Place a drop on a cotton ball and place near the air in your vents in your car or home.  


  • If labeled for internal use as a supplement, you can add a drop to a glass of water (use glass containers only) or place in a capsule.
  • Add Vitality essential oils to your favorite recipes
  • Use as a supplement to support healthy system function by adding a drop to a spoonful of honey or agave, or add to rice milk.


  • Apply directly to desired area using 1-3 drops.  Follow recommended dilution on the bottle.  
  • Apply on bottoms of feet, behind the ears, front of the neck or base of the skull.  
  • Layer oils by applying them individually as they dry and topping with carrier oil as needed