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Our 10 year old with her Homemade hand soap!

Don't these look so pretty!  :) If you need help getting started with essential oils, email me at actingskinny@gmail.com, or read more here!  Until next time friends!

Our kids were "out" of school for the hurricane here, BUT since I homeschool it doesn't really count!  :)  We homeschool usually throughout the year and take breaks when needed or when we vacation!  So Hurricane Florence put a little damper on outdoor plans, but our oldest and I (she's in 6th grade), used the time to complete an "experiment" (so it counts as science).  :)  We decided to make our own homemade hand soap using essential oils!  We usually buy the Young Living Lavender Soap for $11, but we wanted to see how much it would cost to make our own AND if the soap would actually be "good". 


*3 Reusable Foam Bottles (Get from Amazon here)

*1 bottle of Pure Castille Soap (Grab from here on Amazon)

*10 drops of Lavender EO

We made three different Hand Wash ones, Thieves/Wintergreen, Lavender, and Spearmint!  


1. Add drops of oils to bottle

2. Add 3 Tbsp of Castille Soap

3. Add water until 3/4 full!  Shake!   

It was absolutely so easy, cost effective, AND we absolutely love it!  It smells yummy, it's toxic free, and super super cheap!  Here's the breakdown

*3 reusable bottles: $10.95 (one time purchase)

*1 use of Castille ($0.24)

*10 drops of Young Living Lavender EO $0.80

*Water: FREE

​(10.95 3 reusable foaming bottles, $15, 32 ounce unscented Castile Soap, $23.50 15ml Lavender)

Cost for first 3 bottles: $4.69

​Makes appropriately 15 refills which cost approximately $1.10 per bottle!  Isn't that AMAZING!  So approximately $1.72 per bottle of soap!  Wow!  Wow! Wow! We will definitely make our hand soap from now on!  It's super easy, cost effective, and makes for a great "science" experiment!